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Friday, September 10, 2004


After much contemplation I have decided to create my own blog. The main reason for my doing so is because I am procrastinating to avoid doing my assignment.

Another reason to create a blog is for the people I haven't seen for a while - it's a great way of keeping in touch! So to all the people who I haven't seen for ages... get a blog so that I may secretly interfere with your lives! :OP (Norelle, I got the website address from your email *grinz*).

To the friends that I see on a regular basis - Jo, Jess, Christine, and Lauren... with all the stuff going on in our lives, it's hard to find time to hang out with each other! So hopefully by reading this blog you guys will know more about me (as I lead such an interesting life... *sarcastic tone*).

The last reason why I decided to create a blog was because I recently developed a habit of reading other people's blogs - Lay Hooi, Amy, Liz, Ling, Hidi & Dorcas (just recently - found the link from Amy's blog)... it has inspired me to create my own. So yes...

Okies, that's it for now, I'm sure you guys who actually read this post have fallen asleep next to the computer, but congratulations for making it thus far.


P/S I am not computer literate, so don't expect to much from this blog. There will most probably be no pictures, links or extra stuff. I can only do basic things on the computer - like turning it on and off.


Blogger hooi is really cool because Blogger hooi said...

Hey!! you have a lot more stuff in your blog than I did when I first started. SO...you are not computer illiterate afterall. Look at me!! Studying IT..and only manage with simple stuff...that also with the help of lots of people...heheh

btw...happy birthday blog...

12:31 PM  
Blogger JulAngel is really cool because Blogger JulAngel said...

Wow...2 blogs already... gee... i can't keep up with u girl
slow down...hahah.. so My pg inspired u huh??... haha... kool !!!
oh u've gotta get one of those chit chat things... on the one on my pgie okays
cya friday dear.
Good Work , keep it upz !


3:26 PM  

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