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Friday, October 08, 2004

Another assignment...

Hey, I am in G25 right now, trying to get myself to do my social assignment:

Everyone is prejudiced - it's just a matter of when and where. Evaluate this proposition.

To anybody reading this (yes, all two of you)... it's true. Everyone is prejudiced (in my opinion and in many top psychologists' opinion).

Here is a passage from my introduction: "Since the 1940s, prejudices toward ethnic and religious groups have declined sharply. However, this may be due to a newer, more subtle form of prejudice, rather than the traditional blatant form of prejudice (Coenders, Scheepers, Sniderman, & Verberk, 2001). A great number of studies have revealed that prejudice and stereotypes can operate without the conscious intent or awareness of social perceivers (Devine, 2001)." Please don't copy this passage - not only is it cheating, it is also not very good, so chances are, you will not get a good mark.

It's nearly cell time and I haven't printed out the study yet... will do it soon.


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