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Monday, October 11, 2004

Well, just handed in another assignment today. It's funny to see the people there with their story of how they completed the assignment.

Meg - finished early Sunday. Would have come in on Sunday, but she had to come to uni at 9 anyway.

Jessie - finished at 9 o'clock Sunday night. Decided that she didn't like what she had written, so she started all over again and worked all night.

Ben - worked all through the night. I think this is a common occurence.

Dorcas - didn't see her today. Hope that means that she finished on Sunday and handed it in early!

Tegan - didn't look like she had any trouble doing it, only that her word count was high.

Me - finished early Monday morning... got a few hours sleep, woke up at 6am to go to uni and hand it in.

So there it is - the many faces of a psychology student.

Oh, and Howard won. Congratulations.


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