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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A few things to say!

1. Fred told me that I am not adventurous, and that I am plain. I took up this challenge and resolved to do something adventurous... I'm not sure what I am going to do, so I will keep you posted.

2. I told Jessie to go to my blog, and she is now giving me hugs instead of doing her developmental assignment. She is one of the weirdest people I know - she is soooo healthy! She eats "four bean mix" in a can for a snack! And she thinks that eating popcorn is unhealthy.

3. Christine just recently sent me an email "100 questions", in which the sender completes 100 questions about themselves. She wrote that I am the nicest person that she knows. It's funny how these little things make you feel so good. It made my day!

Right at this second, Jessie is now creating her own blog. Hilarious!


Blogger fellow chummer is really cool because Blogger fellow chummer said...

cool..nicest person.
so what nice thing are you going to do for me and humanity next? =)

I just read this book on how to climb up architecture in Los Angeles...like the hollywood sign letters or a themepark dinosaur.

go do something wacky like that! heh.

and go whack fred too. :)

- dorcas -

9:27 PM  

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