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Monday, October 25, 2004

Another Monday!

Do you know what the best feeling in the world is? Relief. The feeling when you know that you have finished all your assignments... *yeah* (people say I say that a lot)... and you almost look forward to exams just to get them over with so you feel that wonderful feeling of relief again...

Just handed in my last assignment for the year. And I know that the results section of my report is bad. Really bad. Jessie rang me on Sunday afternoon to tell me to include another regression analysis. Sounds fine, except that we didn't actually do this regression analysis. So we made up the "R squared" values and the correlations. Really really bad. Well, our experiment sucked anyway, so we just made up results to suit this sucky experiment. No more 311! Just hope that my tutor doesn't read this blog...

I am in G25, my home away from home. I love this dingy lab. Although it has extremely old computers, and old windows versions, and it is rather slow... it has free printing! And the room is so cosy (just kidding).

Interesting fact! In G25, the computer in the corner nearest to the blackboard, when you go into Word and type something and exit without saving, usually Word will ask you if you want to save your work. However, in this particular computer, this is what Word says "g25 is a big jerk!"... Well, I thought that it was quite funny anyway.


Blogger ~linG~ is really cool because Blogger ~linG~ said...

congrats gurl!! hehe
its..finally...almost all over! =) keke
hang in there...

9:23 AM  
Blogger jeffyen is really cool because Blogger jeffyen said...

r2 values: TOO FUNNY! :D

3:44 PM  

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