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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Laughing Bag

I am in the library right now, instead of g25 as my lecture finished way after g25 closes. I wish I had one of those after-hour card thingys. When do you get them? I saw some Honours people with them, but Jessie says that she didn't get one.

It's now around 7.15pm. I am waiting for the clock to get around 9pm, to go to Ling's convocation. I hope she likes the present that I bought on behalf of the cell. But I can imagine everyone yelling at me, 'cos the present is soooo stupid. It's a laughing bag. That's what it's called. I think it's cool. I was going to get something useful, like a business card holder, or one of those pen/notepad holder thingys. But I saw the laughing bag, and I had to get it. It's so good. But stupid at the same time.

Laughing bag

It's now 7.36pm!

Random Quote of the Day: "The laughing bag is a laugh a minute. Cute yellow bag filled with lots of giggles. Give him a squeeze and the giggles will make you weak!" -- laughing bag website


Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey the laughing bag is kool
cos they can make it laugh in the room and the ppl outside would be like.. wat the hell is she laughing abt???


- Alison is sitting right next to me so i'm gonna end this comment!


12:45 PM  

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