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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mr & Mrs Smith

If my mum is any sort of judge of movies, don't go to watch Mr and Mrs Smith. She went to watch it with her friends yesterday (cheapskate Tuesday) and she fell asleep during the movie. It's not like the movie was on really late at night or anything, she went during the day.

I am addicted to the game Sudoku. It rocks.


Blogger seadrop is really cool because Blogger seadrop said...

wow, first!
mr and mrs smith was good, at least i think so..haha.
so are we meeting on the 24th?

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Dorcas is really cool because Anonymous Dorcas said...

My tutor wants to see me at 1 on Friday. I should be able to get anywhere by 2.

Late lunch?

Can I tempt you guys to splurge at C restaurant? 20 bucks a person. or 30, if you're hungry. Business lunch goes till 3.

or we could all do the posh high tea thing. Except I have no idea where. Mcdonalds maybe. hahaha.

my no's 0412444224 by the way.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Jul_Jul is really cool because Blogger Jul_Jul said...

huh?? confused?? so are we meeting at 11?? or 2??
I'll go at 11... jsut to be sure...
and oh "high tea" I like I like.. but so expensive!!!

I dont mind,, wateva u guys want

and Dorcas... u do not post ur phone number on a site!!!so dangerous dear!!!

6:54 AM  

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