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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Moving house

My family is moving in a couple of days.

After living in our house for 16 years, my family has accumulated so much crap.

When packing my stuff into boxes, I tend to go off-track because I find something that I haven't seen for ages. So I spend time just reminiscing over what I found. And I am a hoarder! I don't want to throw away anything. But I have been forced to throw away all my work from highschool (yes, I still had some I hadn't thrown away). And some things I just want to keep for remembrance -- like all my posters and magazines from my Backstreet Boys teenybopper days. If I throw them away it's like throwing away my past, man!

As we won't be unpacking everything straight away, we have to pack everything that we need in the short-term in suitcases, while the rest goes in bags and boxes. So don't freak out if it seems like I'm wearing the same thing over and over again. :)

But actually, me and my sister like packing. It's kinda fun!

And I probably won't be on the net as much as we won't be getting the computer up and running for a while. :[


Anonymous Dorcas is really cool because Anonymous Dorcas said...

you're moving already! wow! :)

now you're one person I havn't seen in a very very long time. how's everything going?

I just had a blood test recently too. The nurses did it FOUR times just to get a strong enough vein. I walked out of the clinic with tape and cotton all over my arms. Very chic.

Anyway, hope you aren't innundated with work or anything. Enjoy the packing! =)

3:33 AM  
Blogger Ali is really cool because Blogger Ali said...

Hey Dorcas! Yeah, haven't seen you for ages... but judging by your blog, it seems as though you are still a very last minute person. :P It sounds like you lead a very interesting life!

Hope everything is going good for you! We should get together with Amy and Hidi one day!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alison, I am glad you enjoy packing... coz I know when I was packing for canberra, I totally hated it. It was such a chore... and I agree, it's hard throwing out stuff... i want to keep everything for rememberance... and my mum told me to throw them away... so i ended up bringing all my stuff to canberra and my mum then said,... 'do you plan to come home?' it seemed as if I packed so much stuff that I wasn't going to come home... maybe i wasn't planning to... Simon Ow

11:48 AM  
Blogger Ali is really cool because Blogger Ali said...

Hey Simon,
Glad to see that you've still got a lot of junk. :P

And hey, when you do come back (or if?) you can just pack it all up again.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know... it seems like everyone wants to move house... is this some trend now? Did you know uncle peter & Auntie kimsuan are moving house too? Others are looking into moving house too... I wonder why. So what is the reason for your family moving house? Is it simply because the current house is old? Or you guys just want a change? Or it's just cool to live in a brand new house? Or it's fun packing and unpacking stuff??? ... Simon Ow

5:26 AM  
Blogger Ali is really cool because Blogger Ali said...

This moving house thing has been in the works for years. Our old house is way too small (hello, me and my sis are still sharing a room).

11:22 AM  

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