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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Finally got the net back. Feels like forever, but it was only like 5 days!

So, my family has moved to a temporary house -- it's really nice. I feel strange living here though. Like camping. I only have the most basic of things with me, my desk is now a cardboard box.

I didn't realise how much I rely on the computer/internet. Without it, I couldn't do so much stuff. But it also freed up so much time. I think that I'm going to cut back on my net time. Or at least until exams are over. :D

And I'm copying this from Hooi's blog, but I thought that it was sooooooo good. Simon emailed this to me as well. Hope you guys don't mind me "stealing" it.

Random Quote of the Day:

"Most of us, when we are in the listener's role, feel compelled to be speakers. We feel a compulsive inner urgency to interrupt others as soon as they start to reveal themselves. We feel a strange obligation to advise them, and to support our advice with a few chapters from our autobiographies. We jump in at the first pause, and go on non-stop unless we are exhausted and the other person is near despair. Regrettably, I have done this to others. I have also had this done to me. I have experienced the sadness of not being heard because someone had not cared enough to listen to my sharing and to learn who I really am." -- John Powell


Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alison,
it feels strange not having everything with you... but it makes you cherish the things you do have... try living without a tv and computer... i did that... it's very challenging i must say.. Simon Ow

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. I like the quote man...
and yes its sad not having the internet.. even sadder that we depend on it soooo much now... =(
What will I do w/o it.. oh man!

anyways .. u dont ahve to worry abt not having someone there to listen to you... cos I'll always be there!!! =)

I love listenning to ppl's stories.. thats y i'm in psych I guess ?? :}

gd luck for exams! JJ

11:51 AM  
Blogger UncleWendy is really cool because Blogger UncleWendy said...


12:54 PM  
Blogger Ali is really cool because Blogger Ali said...

Simon: I spend more time annoying my sister when I'm bored so it's worse for her if we don't have the net/TV.

Amy: Aw, you'll listen to me? So nice! *grinz*

1:53 PM  

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