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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Get out in the sunshine, with vitamin D

Hey guys! Hope your holidays have been good so far...

Went to the beach yesterday with some of my favourite people. Although the temperature was boiling, the water was surprisingly cold. Which was good. And my hair did go crusty.. hehe Jo!! So it was a really nice day. And now I have that vitamin song in my head. You know, the advertisement that goes, "Get out in the sunshine, with vitamin D... and here's vitamin E...thank you vitamin D..." It probably makes no sense to people who have no idea what advert I'm talking about. But it's such a cool song.

Right now I am eating leftover lasagne that my Dad made. It doesn't really taste nice but I am forcing myself to eat it. My Dad hates to waste food. So yeah...I have such an interesting life... *dripping sarcasm* But I like having a boring life. It's cool.

I picked up some relatives from the airport on Friday. I drove a car and my uncle drove another car. My uncle's car wouldn't start, so we had to jump start it. So in the end, we were half an hour late to pick them up. And when we arrived at the airport, his car wouldn't start again. But this time, we didn't have the link cable thingy (I can't remember what it's called). Murphy's Law, right? So we waited around for an hour or so for another uncle to come with them. But it's all good, considering I hardly ever go to the airport. I reckon they should have one of those 'Welcome to Perth' signs and people standing there singing 'Waltzing Matilda' or something. Like in Hawaii where they give the people those flower necklace thingies (I can't remember what this is called either).

Okay, so I am just randomly blabbing here, just to make this post longer. I don't have a random quote, let me scrounge something up.

Alrighty, I've got one. This one is probably a general life rule. I have no idea where I got this, I saved a lot of random quotes previously.

Random Quote of the Day: "Never fight ugly people, they have nothing to lose."


Blogger JulAngel is really cool because Blogger JulAngel said...

Oh man .. thats a really mean quote!!!

And that idea abt ppl welcoming others to Perth.. hm.. perhaps they should have a few kangaroos jumping around the airport.. haha..
How nice~ =)

Went to the beach huh? I wanna go too.. but no time.. and go read my new blog abt beaches that I'm going to post right after this.. eheh..

Hey wanna do something before uni starts?

1:10 PM  

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