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Friday, December 16, 2005

Witty quotes are cool

And I thought the guitar was bad. My Dad brought home a drum set the other day. Very very loud.

And we're not going to Singapore anymore, so that's a shame. Instead we are going straight to HK from Perth. And we come back to Perth on the 1st Feb, in the morning, so my sister has to quickly rush off for her first day of school. Heheh..

Okay, a bit freaked out as a Police officer just came to my house and asked me (no one's in except me, my bro -- who's asleep --) if I saw a small white car racing down our street. Just got back from Carousel (I seem to spend a lot of time there), so I had already seen the police car outside the street, so obviously I didn't see anything. Apparantly, there was a hit-and-run... hope the person wasn't hurt or anything! :[ Scary scary stuff...

Whoa man, this post has been full of depressing things. How about a witty quote for the people who are always early for things? And I couldn't really think of a title. Apologies.

Random Quote of the Day: "Punctuality is the virtue of the bored." -- Evelyn Waugh


Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

how great! email me!
and i am the first again! suck it in people!


5:07 PM  
Anonymous Jul Jul is really cool because Anonymous Jul Jul said...

Bloody hell hidi.. i havent been first for so long... *sigh*

anyways hey when will u be in hk then?? e-mail me...

hit and run... poor dude~
catch that bastard, i hope!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Tralagal is really cool because Blogger Tralagal said...

haha that's a good quote. :)

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alison, sorry I crashed your party on Sat. One more day to your actual birthday when you'll turn 21... Simon Ow

9:28 AM  
Blogger Ali is really cool because Blogger Ali said...

You didn't crash my party, didn't I invite you, Simon?

Haha, one more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :[ :[ :[

3:51 PM  
Anonymous dorcas is really cool because Anonymous dorcas said...

oh Simon's here for Christmas.. having fun?

great weather huh!

so if you're dissing punctuality, why do you give me flak for being late?

but I reiterate.I am NEVER late. never....

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alison, you're now officially 21. HAPPY 21st! Now you got to change your blog title to: "The Delightfully Mediocre Rants of a Person Reluctantly Aged 21 years".. Simon Ow

11:30 AM  

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