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Thursday, January 19, 2006

8 hours of Mario

Yes, once again it's a very late post. But this week has been so extremely busy. Leaving for HK tomorrow, right now I am more excited about the plane ride. Woohoo, 8 hours of watching movies, playing mario (whaha), eating plane food...

On more serious note, if anyone catches me complaining again, please whack my head, as I should be so thankful for everything I have. Just so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you may know that I applied for 4th year psychology (Bpsych). I applied to Curtin and UWA. Curtin is sort of a backup plan if I couldn't get into U-dub (side note - I think it's hilarious when people say u-dub as a shortform UWA) as it is easier to get into. Found out a couple of days ago that I didn't get into my backup plan. So I spent a day and a half freaking out. If I didn't get into u-dub then I couldn't really do anything. All I would have is a bachelor of science. And I can't do much with that.

So, after a lot of prayers (more like pleading I think), I went to uni today. And so now you guys can understand why I am just so happy. And grateful (I sooo don't deserve it).

I got in.
I got in.

I won't be posting until early Feb, so hope everyone has a good Jan (what's left of it). Hope the fireworks for Australia Day will be cool. And I hope that you'll have fun picking fruits Dorcas! If you do, that is. I'll be laughing at you anyway. And I whacked my sister on the head for you, and she said that she'll give you the 2 bucks later. Yeah, right.

Hey, since I won't be posting for so long, I expect a lot of comments! =D

Random Quote of the Day: "Facts do not cease to exist becuase they are ignored." -- Aldous Huxley


Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
You expect lots of comments? Well here's one. :-)

CONGRATULATIONS for getting into U-Dub (I hate this short-form of UWA)!!! God provides. Looks like you will be studying one more year! Enjoy it while you can!

Will you still be working with the autistic children when uni semester commences?

Anyway when you post again in your blog, I'll probably be back in Canberra. Take care.

Simon Ow

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Dorcas is really cool because Anonymous Dorcas said...

will happily whack your head anytime. now am I a friend or what? ahahahahah. and when Im done with your head, I'll whack your sister's.

hey, don't knock udub. i like calling it udub. im a udubber. Anyway, CONGRATS ya! :)

and i can't believe you get excited with 8 hours of playing mario....what a geek!

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Dorcas is really cool because Anonymous Dorcas said...

oh yes, hope you had a great trip. if you read this on your holiday, GET OFF THE COMP AND TRAVEL MORE!

see..I'm nice, really! hahahahhahahahahhahahahahaa.

12:22 AM  
Blogger jeffyen is really cool because Blogger jeffyen said...

woohoo congratulations!!

1:56 PM  
Blogger Joseph is really cool because Blogger Joseph said...

thanks for the great comment. it was great.

hope you don't want the bandage back, because its falling apart.
and you can tell your brother the same, but substitue 'bandage' for 'car'.

Hah! beat that comment!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Tralagal is really cool because Blogger Tralagal said...

Ali Ali Ali!
hope your travelling is fun and good and wonderful :) I like Hong Kong... dirty like New York but the food is equally good!

I hear your canto is pretty steady so i'm sure you didn't have any trouble bargaining your way to a good deal, no? I haven't touched my canto in 8 months and now it's already embarassing!

anyhows, year 4, here comes Ali!

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

alright i met up with miss ar-lee-son chan today, and she expects heaps of comments, i mean HEAPS.
So someone, whoever, please spam this comment :)
ohoh dorcas, in case ar-lee-son cheats, i bought you stuff, hope you likeeeeee it.
and thanks miss ar-lee-son for being patience and nice. good that she didn't speak any canto in public.
and, welcome to hk, nice experience on train huh? with all those ladies touching you...


11:17 PM  
Anonymous Jul Jul is really cool because Anonymous Jul Jul said...

CONGRATS Ali... told u , u could do it... u worrier!!!
Hope HK is fun~
must catch up when u come back!!!

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous is really cool because Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Ali! Congrats on your fourth year of psych! I'm so happy for you! see u on Saturday night!

10:35 PM  

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