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Monday, January 24, 2005


Okay, so I went to get my haircut today. And the lady thinned it so much that I feel that there is nothing left. And I looked at all my hair on the ground...it's so sad. That used to be a part of me! Hehe.. yeah, I am mourning the loss of my hair. I'm that loserish. The hairdresser said that I have a natural wave in my hair, and that I should get the hair straightener and straighten my hair everyday.

I so can't be bothered. My daily hair ritual consists of brushing only! And not even brushing much. So the ritual doesn't even take two minutes. And I have to admit that if I am not planning to go outside, I will not brush my hair. I'll just tie it up when I wake up. Yes, I'm that lazy.

Maybe I can get my sister to straighten my hair while I just sit there. Hmmm... somehow, I doubt she'll do it. :OP

Anyway, that's it for now. My schedule is so full that I can't write too much. Haha, yeah right.

And the quote of the day is from Seinfeld. Instead of saying "God bless you" when someone sneezes, this is what you should say instead. The logic behind this is because saying "God bless you" doesn't really help the person sneezing, so you should say something that does.

Random Quote of the Day: "You're sooo good-looking".


Blogger JulAngel is really cool because Blogger JulAngel said...

*.* how exciting ... I wanna see your new haircute... show me soonies.. heheh

I so need a haircut hey? i'll get one jsut before uni starts like i always do.. too lazy to go now.. busy busy ...

btw "you're soooo gd looking "

1:18 PM  

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