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Monday, August 27, 2007

The oxymoronic life

Hmm, I wonder if anyone still checks the updates on this blog? :]

Yes, I had given up for a while -- I really didn't have time and couldn't be bothered typing. I still don't have time now, but hey, I'm a queen of procrastinating...

Am on my final prac for the year/course, so woohoo! One week down, five more prac weeks to go! Super (or, as my students spell it -- soopa) tired, but in a good way? Fulfilled exhaustion? Oxymoron? Eh...

Something I've realised that annoys me a lot: not putting texta lids back on the textas. I have an almost obsessive compulsion to put lids back on textas if I see it! I know, rather random but.. put your lids back on your textas people!

Oh, yet another embarrassing moment in the life of Alison ------ my grandmother's 80th b'day is coming soon: us grandchildren have to get up on stage and sing 2 Cantonese songs (complete with actions). Woohoo to the max... :]

Thought this was hilarious ([o:)E Tilt your head to the right! It's a face with hair! Wahahaha... (courtesy of Vanessa - credit where credit is due!)

Random Quote of the Day: :If you have no money, be polite." -- Danish Proverb