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Monday, October 31, 2005

Can I get a lolly?

It is Ah Hooi Hooi's birthday today. Happy Birthday Ah Hooi Hooi!

It's also Halloween. Do you guys ever get Trick-or-Treaters coming to your door? It's a testament to how lazy Aussie kids are. They rock up to your front door (not in costume -- probably in school uniform) and say, "can I get a lolly?"

Melbourne Cup tomorrow. Have fun.

Ooh, and I almost forgot to add... I think David is going to die/already dead in Neighbours! Gah! Poor Harold.

Random Quote of the Day: "I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I only lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three." -- Elayne Boosler

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mr Times New Roman

Hope all your study has been good so far.

On a completely different subject, who has been watching Neighbours so far? Half of the Ramsay Street neighbours are on a plane to Launceston (Tasmania). There's a bomb on the plane! Who will get out alive? It's so exciting.

Anyway, one day, I was thinking of weird names for people. Wouldn't it be cool if you were named after a font? For instance, Mr Times New Roman, or Arial Bold or something. It would be so unique!

Mission: to get would-be parents to name their kids after a font.

Random Quote of the Day: "There are now more TV's in British households than there are people - which is a bit of a worry." -- Prince Charles

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sunken Gardens

Posting two days in a row? Must have something really exciting to share!

Either that, or I'm bored because I'm waiting for cell time.

Anyway, not sure if you'd call this adventurous, but Amy and I decided to "explore" UWA today. We went to the sunken gardens, as both of us have never been there since we've come to UWA. Nice place. Very pretty!

And I got a phone call about an hour ago... from Jenny Bolland! She is one of the two women who started the company where I am working now (ISADD). The reason for the phone call? She wants to come in and observe my session tomorrow with one of my kids (the kid who doesn't like me). Scary stuff man. I hope he's in a good mood so I don't have to do that thing with the armpits. =P Funny sentence. I can't be bothered explaining. Ask me about it sometime. If you're interested, that is. If you're not interested, just nod so it seems like you are interested. Of course, if you start nodding then I would know you're not interested...

So how has everyone's week been so far?

Random Quote of the Day: "If the minimum wasn't acceptable it wouldn't be called the minimum." --George Muncaster

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Enter word verification!

Word verification = on.

Sorry guys! It's annoying, but it's better than getting comment spammed all the time. And at least I'll know who can take the effort to comment on my blog! Those people are cooler.

Anyway, Mondays are over, woohoo! Busy days, with me running around like


Just kidding. I just found out how to do it (hope it works by the way), and I couldn't resist!

Oh, and if you'll notice the links of other blogs on the side, I have taken down Amy's and Hidi's as they have now made their blog private (which is a pisser because now I actually have to sign into MSN).

So this reduced the friend blogs on my list. Which is sad because I don't really have many to begin with. But hey, guess what? Joe has a blog! I've visited it once, and it basically talks about what woke him up in the morning. Usually it's Fre-Dizzle, a.k.a buttzilla (wahahaha).

And yes, I know. The sentences above didn't make a whole lot of sense.

I got the quote below from TIME Magazine. I thought it was hilarious.

Random Quote of the Day: "I didn't know Lenin was a player." -- Barack Obama, U.S. Senator from Illinois, after being told by a tour guide in Moscow that some of the Russian leader's lovers were rumoured to be buried in the Kremlin wall by his tomb.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Keep your mouths closed!

This shall be a short post as I am late to meet Joanne at Carousel. Sorry Jo! =P

Got this from Liz's blog, and I just had to do it!

I am nerdier than 22% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.


Points to ponder: In the course of an average life span, you will (while sleeping), eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders. Keep those mouths closed people!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Go home!

Finally got broadband... love it love it love it!

Something funny that happened while I was working. With one of my autistic kids, we have a chart of what he has to do today. He does about 2-3 tasks and he gets to have a break. So we always ask him, "What do you want to work for?"

He usually says something like "outside" or some food reward (i.e chocolate etc). We were just about finished for the day and I asked, "What do you want to work for?"

And he said... "Alison to go home."

Cry! Anyway, he did end up working for that! Whatever works, right?

Ooh, and here's a picture of all of us at Jess & Chrissy's 21st birthday. Ahh, you all look so pretty!

Notice how I'm the shortest of them all? Especially when I'm standing next to Lauren who is (in her words) "six-feet something"...

Or is it "six-foot something"? Argh, me got the bad Enga-lish..

Friday, October 07, 2005

Jessie is threatening me to tell everyone that she is so good--I mean great--and my life wouldn't have as much happiness if she wasn't in it. There I said it.

coz its the truth... I would be a vegetable without her brilliance in keeping my life so.. substantial

As you can tell, she just stole the keyboard from me. Which means I am in Dorcas' trademarked "dingy lab".

And Amy, here's something for you because you like Canada so much:

Did you know that 0.3% of road accidents in Canada involve a moose?