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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Listening to breakfast radio when driving to work on Wednesday. I like Em, Wippa, and Ollie (92.9). But I switch stations a lot, so listening to Nathan and Nat (Nova, 93.7), they were talking about Cubs. I thought it was hilarious. :]

Do you know how there are labels for people??
Yuppies, Dinks (Double Income No Kids)...

But how do you know if your a cub?

Do you live on the outskirts of Perth?
Are you a skilled worker earning 100,000 a year?
Do you have a ute/plasma TV/jet ski?

If you answered 'yes', then you're a cub. A Cashed Up Bogan. Apparantly there's a lot of them around in Perth nowadays. Which does highlight one thing for me:

You can earn a decent (or more than decent) living without going to uni. But, education is the key, as the skilled workers would've done some course/apprenticeship in their lifetime.

Famous cubs? (according to Nathan and Nat) Shane Warne, Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt...

Not sure what a bogan is? Click here for the Wikipedia article.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Internet Urinals

Nothing interesting happening in my life, so I've decided to rip stuff of things I've read. Like this month's issue of Reader's Digest.

"Pop Quiz: While sitting at a computer, have you ever felt the urge to pee? Of course you have! In darker times, before the dawn of the age of the Internet Urinal, you probably responded by doing something crazy such as - oh, I don't know - getting up and going to the toilet. That was very 20th century of you. Well, welcome to the future!
The Internet Urinal is a plastic container into which you can relieve yourself without getting up. Its target market includes enthusiasts of video games, traders on the stock market and, one assumes, people who like to keep their urine in a plastic container... The internet Urinal "comes with a handy female adapter" that is (a) not especially handy if you're not female and (b) the selling point that must have convinced at least one man in the world to buy this product and give it to his wife - which, I think you'd agree, is a moment we'd all like to have eavesdropped on." -- Scott Feshuk, taken from Do we really need these?

Wahaha... Would it really catch on? Who knows? All I know is that I would never use it.

Thanks for all the comments guys, I appreciate it. Good luck with your thesis Chrissy!

Happy Mother's Day!

Random Quote of the Day: " To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan. You should wear it inside, where it functions best." -- Margaret Thatcher.