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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eerie silence...

Yes, I shall have one more post before August ends and September begins. Appreciate all the comments -- 13! Probably a record for me.

Am again sitting in g25 waiting for cell. Its kinda creepy because there's no one else in g25. Usually there is at least one or two people, or at least someone in the Psychos lounge. I'm all alone...

What's with everyone deleting their blogs? Half the people on my friends list either have deleted their blog or don't post anymore. Kinda sad. :[ I like reading other people's blogs, especially if I don't see them everyday. Or if they're living somewhere else in the world. Globalisation at its best. What's the script thingy for that strikethrough-the-word thing? I'd like to cancel out the blogs instead of deleting them (heehee, so it looks like I still have some friends).

I'm also adding a thesis-words-count to my blog. So that you guys can see how much I haven't done. :] And perhaps it'll motivate me to actually write something.

The year is almost over. How depressing. It's definately my last sem in UWA, so I should enjoy these lonesome times in g25 while I have the chance.

The AFL grand final is coming up pretty soon - how quick was the season!?!

Hmm, that was rather random.

The quote below is about loneliness - not really random I suppose, considering the eerie silence around me..

Random Quote of the Day: "To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone."-- Suzanne Gordon.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Malaria antibodies

The next post is now Simon. :] It normally wouldn't be, except that I''m bored in g25 waiting for cell.

Hmmm, not much to say... nothing interesting happening in my life (which is a good thing)! Ooh, I gave blood a few weeks ago and they sent me back a letter a couple of days ago. Apparantly I have malaria antibodies in my blood (how exciting!), which they said can be accounted for in three ways:

(1) I previously had malaria
(2) I have malaria right now
(3) The test is wrong


On another note, the photo in the library of Dorcas and Sharon has mysteriously disappeared! Not sure where its gone, perhaps they have a secret admirer who fell in love with the photo so they broke into Riverton Library after hours and stole the photo! Ahaha, I need some stimulation. :[

Added Hanh's blog to my list! Yay, it looks like I have lots of friends. Well, not really.

This quote is like the motto of my life! I think its such a great quote...

Random Quote of the Day: "Someone's boring me. I think it's me." -- Dylan Thomas