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Monday, April 24, 2006

I don't see what's the point of updating, especially if I have nothing to say. Like now. I always feel that having a blog is a little egocentric of me... I mean, who wants to hear what's happening in my life? Not me for sure.

Smile, have a nice day! :]

Random Quote of the Day: "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes."

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a good holiday.

I started with another autistic kid last week, after 4 boys I finally get a girl! She's very young, so she cries quite a lot. :[

My grandparents are here right now, its great to see them again. I'm surprised at how old they look compared to when I saw them last. And they're all surprised that my sister Angela is taller than me.

Remind me to save my work at more than one location. I wanted to print my assignment out but I couldn't open it from my floppy disk (ironically, it was only that piece of work, the other stuff on my floppy opened easily). So I was panicking, thinking I had to redo the whole thing. Luckily I have a brother who knows stuff about computers. Wahaha, you can tell I don't. Anyway, he did some program, I lost one page of my assignment, rather than the five I thought I would. End result = my brother and sister lecturing me about saving my work. :]

Enjoy the holidays! Won't last long!

What a random post! :]

Random picture -- taken in China, what a cool name for a building!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Antiques & their roadshows

Yay, March is over. I always feel that March is the longest month of the whole year. Maybe because February was so short (yes, I realise its only 3 days shorter). And the days are long in March. And its when you've just started uni, so you can't wait for the holidays again...

Anyway, April will be busy, so its sure to go fast. My grandparents and some other relatives are coming over from Singapore on Saturday. Haven't seen them in about 5/6 years, which was the last time I went to Singapore. So yes, how exciting.

On a totally different topic, I am quite enjoying the TV program Antique Roadshow (Channel 9, 5.00pm weeknights). I think its hilarious. Imagine, if I have some crappy 2 buck piece of something which is passed on for generations, it'll have increased in worth by 1000-fold!! Or more.

Random Quote of the Day: "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand." -- Woodrow Wilson