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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Didn't realise I was gone for so long. It's so easy not to post.

Its been a few weeks, eh?? Doesn't seem like very long. I've gotten to the stage where I have to think a while before I know what the day is. And I only remember if there's something good to watch on TV that night. How depressing.

And even more depressing, I'll be looking back on these times and say, "those were the best years of my life."

Anyway, I found out on Thursday that Joshua, one of my autistic kids, can speak Spanish. And he is definately not Spanish. So, we were doing this task which involved dot cards (exactly how it sounds, a few dots on a card) and he had to say how many dots there were altogether. Autistic kids have really good visuo-spatial skills, so its a good way of teaching maths. But I'm getting off track. Anyway, it went something like this:

Me: How many? [shows a dot card of 5]
J: Uno, dos, tres... (continues until he gets up to five)
J: Five!!
Me: Excellent!
My face: ----> :O

By the way, I had to look up the spelling of the Spanish numbers. I wouldn't have a clue what language he was speaking, but I asked his mother later. Apparantly her mother-in-law teaches Spanish to the kids sometimes. I thought it was hilarious.

Happy birthday Lauren! :]

Random Quote of the Day: "If you are foolish to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest." -- Jerome K. Jerome

Friday, March 03, 2006

Update on psych at UWA

G25 has lost major coolness points. No more printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only people in 4th year (and above) can access the printer. Which is still okay, since I'm in 4th year, except that the printer is located on the 2nd floor of the psych building. Which is not near any computers. :'[

Just to let you guys know that I didn't get David Sang as a supervisor (woohoo!), but I got Davina French and Murray Maybery (woohoo!). Our group is looking at functioning in families with children with autism. Sounds really great! So excited!

And good old Dan Milech is being replaced by some French-Canadian dude. :[

A very weird thing I found out recently. Other psych-related people would've heard of a researcher called Baron-Cohen (not sure his first name?) Very famous psychologist, does heaps of research in a wide variety of subjects. Well, his brother is Sasha Baron-Cohen, also known as Ali G. Ali G! Whoa! Doesn't sound like its true, but how common is the Baron hyphen Cohen last name? Not very, right?

No random quote as I don't wanna waste my KB searching the net for a quote. :]

Ooh, and Cass, my new kid's name is Joshua. :] He's such a cutie.