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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trolley etiquette

Wanted to blog about two things, but I'll save one for my next post. I have to, seeing as I'm desperately running out of things to say.

Went grocery shopping at Woolies on Saturday. Busy day for shopping. The trollies (is that how you spell the plural of trolley? It looks weird, like the plural of troll or something) have turned massive. They're really wide and high now, like they're discriminating against short people like me. Hard to maneuver.

Which brings me to my next stupid and pointless question. Are there any trolley etiquette rules for maneuvering trollies? Stick to the left-hand side of the aisle? Don't stop your trolley at the frozen food section? Give way to elderly and people with children??

On a whole different topic (sorry, no segue), I went to the Riverton library today. Guess what I saw on the counter?? A photo of Dorcas and Sharon at their graduation!!! How random! Why is it stuck there? There are no other photos there. Weird.

Random Quote of the Day: "I know enough to know that when you're in a pickle... call Mum." -- Jennifer Garner

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Wow, a new post. How exciting.

Went to the Eagles v Carlton game on Sunday, because of the awesome Mei'en. Probably the best game I've seen up close, because it was so exciting. The other games I've seen at Subiaco the Eagles win throughout the whole thing. In this game, Carlton were winning by like 30 points in the fourth quarter. Eagles kicked like 5 goals in 10 minutes. Very very exciting stuff.

Have to say congrats to the Socceroos, even though I don't follow soccer. I totally thought they were going to lose...

Can you imagine a World Cup Australian Rules Football games? That would be cool. Can't really imagine many countries playing though, it is kinda rough. Too bad.

Random Quote of the Day: "Sport is imposing order on what was chaos." -- Anthony Starr

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahaha, sorry Simon for not posting. I have been busy. Seriously. Seriously.

Has anyone been watching The Amazing Race (Thursdays, Channel 7, 9.30pm)?? They actually came to Perth a few weeks ago. I guess they ran out of interesting places to visit. :] Hehe.. Anyway, what I found hilarious was when none of the teams could get a taxi, yelling things like, "where are all the taxis around here??!!" Whaha...

Something that made me laugh. One of my autistic kids:
Me: Are you tired?
Josh: I'm not tired, I'm Joshua!

Well, I thought it was funny.

Love the new blog title Joe. Hilarious stuff.

Random Quote of the Day: "The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it. We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds."

All the best for your exams guys!